Volvo Electric Vehicle Ownership Guide

The decision to go electric and get an innovative vehicle can be a different experience for you as a driver. You may not be familiar with the ins and outs of owning an electric vehicle and what you can do with it. Here at LaFontaine Volvo of Farmington Hills, we're pleased to present you with this Volvo electric vehicle ownership guide.

Get to know why electric vehicles can help your experience. Get details on charging solutions. Learn about the benefits these vehicles offer for the roads of Detroit, West Bloomfield, and Northville, MI. Continue reading below.

Why Choose Electric Vehicles?

An electric vehicle uses a different source of power than traditional vehicles. Rather than a gas-powered engine, an electric vehicle operates off a battery-powered electric motor that can be recharged to provide you with hours of driving.

Because of this, it produces zero tailpipe emissions and promotes cleaner driving. You are helping to keep the environment safe and healthy while also getting the same reliable performance you have come to expect from gas-powered vehicles.

Our entire electric vehicle inventory is listed online so you can make the decision on which model you want. Get to know what we have, then come see it in person and get behind the wheel for a test drive to experience the ride.

Charging Solutions for Your Electric Vehicle

As the owner of an electric vehicle, you should know about all of the charging solutions you have to keep your vehicle going to all the places you want to reach. There are several options.

First, there are at-home solutions for charging your vehicle. This can be as simple as using one of your home outlets as the power source and allowing your vehicle to charge overnight. While on the go, there are also charging stations that can allow you to charge your vehicle in a timely manner so you can reach substantial charge to continue on your road trip.

Work With Our Experts

If you want to purchase an electric vehicle, our team is here to help you get a deal that works for you.

We start the process by getting to know what you need in a deal. Using that information, we present your options to you and build the foundation of your deal. Throughout the process, we can answer any questions you have.

You can get pre-approved for an auto loan before you visit us by filling out the online finance application.

Visit Our Electric Vehicle Dealership Today

Here at LaFontaine Volvo of Farmington Hills, we're proud to provide electric vehicles for sale and give you an additional solution for your needs on the road. We hope that this Volvo electric vehicle ownership guide helps you understand what you need to know when owning one of these innovative vehicles.

If you have any questions about electric vehicles, you can always reach out to our team for more information. You can also visit our dealership to get a closer look and take a test drive to experience what an electric vehicle can do on the roads of Detroit, West Bloomfield, and Northville, Michigan.

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