New Volvo SUV For Sale Farmington Hills MI

Check Out the New Volvo SUV Inventory at LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills drivers will find no shortage of SUV options from Volvo when they visit our dealership near Novi searching for their new vehicle. There are three available SUV models in Volvo's inventory, each of which features a hybrid or full-electric version. Rugged, safe, and practical, Volvo's SUV range is full of well-made, high-quality European vehicles. Adaptable to city or rural life, these SUVs make life easier and add to the joy of driving. Let's take a look at what Volvo has to offer.

Volvo XC40/XC40 Recharge

The smallest of the three SUVs in Volvo's lineup, this five-seater model hosts 57.5 cubic feet of cargo space. With available horsepower of up to 248 and an average fuel economy of around 33 mpg, this is a strong and economical option near Livonia. Its fully electric counterpart, the XC40 Recharge, boasts an impressive 208  miles per recharge and only requires 40 minutes of charging to reach 80% battery capacity.

Volvo XC60/XC60 Recharge

Slightly larger than the XC40, the Volvo XC60 boasts 63.3 cubic feet of cargo space, adding additional practicality. Its fuel economy is a little less than the XC40 at an average of 29 mpg, but it is a more powerful model boasting 316 horsepower. The XC60 Recharge is a hybrid that offers 19 miles pure electric range, but when using gas and electric, it has an impressive 57 mpg in fuel economy around Westland.

Volvo XC90/XC90 Recharge

The largest of Volvo's SUV range is the Volvo XC90, with 85.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The full gas option with this SUV offers 316 horsepower and a fuel economy of 30 mpg. The XC90 Recharge is the hybrid version of this SUV and offers 55 mpg fuel economy. In pure electric mode, this model can travel around 18 miles.

Check Out the New Volvo SUVs at LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills

Detroit drivers should head down to LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills and check out Volvo's SUVs, especially those looking for quality and economy. We look forward to working with you soon!