Your wheel alignment has a lot to do with both the handling and ride quality of your Volvo vehicle, and our expert Volvo technicians are here to help. At LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills, our Volvo Service Center has the equipment and know-how to restore your vehicle’s alignment and give you the like-new handling and ride quality you deserve.

A vehicle that is out of alignment can experience unpredictable handling, rapid tire wear, and a poor ride quality from vibrations or a rough ride over bumps. When you visit our dealership for an alignment, we’ll measure your suspension to see where it is out of alignment, and then make the proper adjustments and repairs to ensure everything is pointed in the right direction. Once all of the adjustments have been made, we’ll re-measure until everything is just right and you have the factory-new setup that your Volvo is designed for.

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