If you can't manage to test drive the Volvo XC40 sooner than later, don't worry. Our Farmington Hills, MI Lafontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills team members have enjoyed several test drives in its sumptuous cockpit, admiring the ride feel, efficiency, gorgeous interior scenery, and in-cabin amenities.

If you dash to work one morning and forget charging cables for your devices, it's okay. The Volvo XC40 boasts a large wireless charging station situated near the dash and the center stack. It's easy and works like a charm. Just set your compatible device atop the station, and the station charges it in no time at all.

The daily grind gets heavy at times, so a lighthearted commute playlist is a relief and a joy. With the Volvo XC40, your oldest playlists sound fresh and new. The cabin is surrounded by a strategically positioned, premium speaker array by Harmon Kardon. The array includes tweeters, mids, and woofers for rich, warm, pristine harmonics from every direction.

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