The Volvo S90 Inscription trim overview is a blog post that talks about the different trim levels for the Volvo S90. It goes in-depth on what each level includes and provides pictures to help visualize what you will get if you choose each trim.

There are three different trims to the Volvo S90, Base, T5, and Inscription. The base model seems to be the most basic or no-frills version of the Volvo S90. It includes features that one would expect in a standard mid-size sedan but does not have any special gadgets.

The next trim is the T5 trim which comes with some extra features that the base model does not have. The T5 includes a better navigation system, rearview camera, Bluetooth, and 2 USB ports instead of just one.

The final trim is called Inscription which seems to be the most loaded level of the Volvo S90. It comes standard with all the features that come with the T5 as well as a backup monitor, lane departure warning, and the pre-sense city which is the ability to detect objects in front of your vehicle while driving in Farmington, MI.

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