Buying a new car gives you the opportunity to drive around in a vehicle in which you can take pride. You want to keep it looking new as long as possible, which requires regular washings. As important as washing is for your vehicle, it's also important to wax the vehicle regularly as well. Come to LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills to get automotive maintenance tips as well as advice on car washing and waxing.

Many car owners believe that washing their vehicle once a week is all that's required to keep it looking good. While washing is important, your vehicle will continue to see that same dirt and debris as before the washing if its driven in the same areas.

Waxing your vehicle not only makes it look good but also acts as a repellent against things that can damage your cars body, including bird droppings, harsh weather, industrial and vehicular pollution, ultraviolet rays, tree sap and various other things found on the roads and in the air. Our dealership in Farmington Hills has a full selection of car waxes and instructions on what type of wax will best suit your vehicle.


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