As a luxury sedan with a sporty profile, the Volvo S60 gives car buyers in Farmington Hills plenty of great options in performance, comfort and technology. Designed in Swedish studios, this full-size model is available for test drives at LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills. Local customers are urged to compare the Momentum, R-Design, Polestar and other trim tiers on the lineup.

Having a class-leading design with four zones, the climate control system in the S60 creates optimal conditions inside the posh cabin. This advanced HVAC unit even has vents inside the glove box to keep small items at desired temperatures. A high-capacity air filter also traps dust and other small particles in the cockpit. With additional help from the Clean Zone technology, the climate control system guarantees a fresh breath of air for every occupant. This cutting-edge function even eliminates foul odors from various fluids that circulate under the hood of this luxury Volvo sedan.



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