The Volvo XC40 remains one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. A primary reason why this is the case is because of the industry-leading XC40 interior features. If you're looking for a new car, you definitely want to take a look at the Volvo XC40 from LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills.

The new XC40 features a 2-zone, separately controlled climate system in the cabin. This works to ensure optimal comfort for people in the front and back seats of the car. In addition, the Volvo SUV comes complete with a steering wheel warmer and electronic lumbar support, other additions that enhance motoring comfort.

You can obtain more information about the Volvo XC40 interior features and other aspects of the car by visiting with our experienced and friendly Volvo sales representatives. We will set you up with a complimentary Volvo XC40 test drive at our Farmington Hills Volvo dealership.


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