Check Out The New Safety Features of The Volvo S60

If you love Volvo cars, you will absolutely fall in love with the Volvo S60 here at LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills which happens to be a popular choice for luxury compact sedans.

If you often ride with children in your car, you will greatly appreciate features such as the safety cage which is created with high-strength steel. If a collision or rollover was to occur, the safety cage would keep your vehicle from crushing easily. Another great feature to have to add safety for your children or loved ones is the run-off-road mitigation. This feature will help guide you back on track if you are to go off the road and apply will automatically apply brakes to help avoid colliding with trees or other off-road objects.

To learn more about what the Volvo S60 has to offer, stop over to LaFontaine Volvo Cars of Farmington Hills and test drive one today to see if the safety features are right for you.


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